Sorry I am no longer taking new assignments.

Retired Enterprise IT Architect and moderately successful photographer having fun in Austin, Texas. I have more than 40 years experience with film and digital still photography.  Most of my commercial work is for events and people in motion. I spend some of my spare time with landscape and nature photography.

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Some examples of my published work
  - Rolling Stone:  Fiona AppleJim James, Bon Jovi
  - Spin: Savages
  - Vulture: Fiona Apple
  - Business Week: Kim Dotcom, Ghostland Observatory
  - Wired: Kim Dotcom
  - MTV:  Sharon Jones
  - - Best Pictures from SXSW:  Lionel Richie, Kenny Rogers
  -  Daniel Ek (founder and CEO of Spotify)
  - eOnline: Lisa Kudrow
  - ShowTime documentary: Jimi Hendrix Electric Church  (all color still photos are mine)
  - Jared Leto
 - Monte Zucker on portraits and wedding photography
  - Lois Greenfield on dance photography